EUC Football 2023 celebrates new champions

The European Universities Football Championship has finally concluded on July, 2nd 2023 with an exciting Closing Ceremony in Tirana, at Home of Football.

Over 518 participants from 28 Universities from 16 countries took part in this year’s edition of the event.

In men’s finals, the title of champion went to University of Wurzburg from Germany, who won a thrilling final match against Gdansk University of Technology from Poland. The third place of the podium belonged to Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics from Ukraine. 

In women’s finals, the title of champion went to University of Bordeaux from France, who won an exciting final match against University of Valencia from Spain. The athletes from University of Bordeaux succesfully defended the title they gained last year at the European Universities Games in Lodz 2022. Third place along with the bronze medals went in hands of University of Coimbra from Portugal. 

The medals and awards were presented by different Albanian public figures & from EUSA representatives. We can mention the Mayor of the City Council and Deputy Minister of the Interior Affairs Ms. Romina Kuko; Vice Rector of the University of Tirana Mr. Bernard Dosti; 1st Vice President of EUSA Mr. Haris Pavletić; President of AUSF Mr. Besnik Veliu; Secretary General of AUSF Ms Klea Taipllari; EUSA Sports Manager Mr. Miha Žvan; EUSA Technical Delegate for Football Mr. Andreas Demetriou; EUSA Ass. Technical Delegate for Football Mr. Ignacio Peralta; EUSA System Manager Mr. Stjepan Štimac.


Women’s Competition
1. University of Bourdeaux (FRA)
2. Univesrity of Valencia (ESP)
3. University of Coimbra (POR)

Men's Competition
1. University of Wurzburg (GER)
2. Gdansk University of Technology (POL)
3. Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics (UKR)

The other important awards from the European Universities Championship in Football 2023, went to:

Women competition:

BEST SCORER - Charlotte Ouillon  from University of Lyon (FRA)

BEST PLAYER - Viktoria Holovach  from Dnipro Academy of Continuing Education (UKR)

BEST GOALKEEPER - Diana Simoes De Oliveira rom University of Coimbra (POR)

FAIR PLAY TEAM - University of Bordeaux (FRA)

Men competition:

BEST SCORER - Filippo Vergnano from Turin Polytechnic (ITA)

BEST PLAYER - Daaniel Maanas from Estonian University of Life (EST)

BEST GOALKEEPER - Julian Schneider  from University of Wurzburg (GER)

FAIR PLAY TEAM - University of Jyvaskyla (FIN)

The Closing Ceremony of European Universities Football Championship was a memorable and exhilarating event, marking the end of an incredible week filled with intense competition, new friendships, games, adventues, etc. Participants from universities across Europe came together to celebrate their achievements and bid farewell to an unforgettable championship. They all created an atmosphere that was filled with excitement and different emotions as this was the final gather, reflecting on the memories and friendships forged throughout the tournament. 

Awards were presented to the outstanding teams, players and volunteers who displayed exceptional skill, determination, and fair play throughout the championship. The cheers and applause echoed through the venue, recognizing the dedication and hard work of all the participants. It was a moment of pride and celebration, acknowledging the efforts and achievements of each of them. 

The Closing Ceremony of the European Universities Championship in Football was a testament to the power of sports in bringing people together, fostering friendship, and promoting a sense of unity among nations. It can be considered a success story for Albanian football and especially for university football.

At the end of the ceremony the EUSA flag was passed to Mr. Stefano Belardinelli, President of Sport Center CUS Camerino, in Italy, where the next EUC in Football will take place from 20-27 of July 2025.