EUC Football 2023 has started

The Opening Ceremony of European Universities Football Championship took place on Sunday, 25th in Tirana, Albania, at Folé Residence. This Ceremony marked the beginning of an exciting week of intense competition. It brought together key figures from the sports and academic world.

The European Universities Football Championship will take place from June 25th to July 02nd in Tirana. Tirana will host around 518 participants representing 28 universities from 16 countries and will be the place full with thrilling matches, incredible skills, and fierce competition as the best university athletes take the field. Amazing atmosphere and strong cheers are expected. 

On behalf of the Organising Committee, participants were welcomed by Mrs. Prof. Dr. Anila Paparisto, Vice Rector of University of Tirana. Her welcoming words set the stage for an incredible tournament ahead.

EUSA President Mr. Adam Roczek, welcomed all participants and wished all the teams and participants who came to test their skills and abilities well ahead. 

The ceremony featured many other esteemed speakers, including Mr. Besnik Veliu, the president of the Albanian Federation of University Sport, Mrs. Evis Kushi, the Minister of Education and Sports, Mrs. Keti Luarasi, the Deputy Mayor of Tirana Municipality, and Mr. Armando Duka, the president of the Albanian Football Association. Their presence showcased the strong support and collaboration between the sports community, educational institutions, and local government.

On the European Universities Football Championship, EUSA is represented by delegation led by Mr. Adam Roczek, EUSA President, Mr Hovhannes Gabrielyan, EUSA SCAC Chair, Mr Miha Zvan, EUSA Sports Manager, Mr Andreas Demetriou, EUSA Technical Delegate for Football, Mr Ignacio Peralta Contreras, Assistant TD for Football and Mr Tomasz Aftanski, EUSA Staff.  

They will make sure that the event will run smoothly and without problems.

The opening ceremony of the European Universities Football Championship was an awe-inspiring event that captivated audiences and signalled the beginning of an extraordinary tournament. The stage was adorned with a magnificent LED wall, creating a visual spectacle that added an immersive dimension to the ceremony.

The highlight of the evening was the procession of all participating teams, as they proudly marched from the red carpet to the centre stage, showcasing their unity and representing their respective universities. The atmosphere was electric, pulsating with excitement and anticipation.

The concert segment showcased a fusion of traditional Albanian melodies and dynamic rhythms, creating a vibrant and energetic ambiance.  The ballet and acrobatic acts brought grace and athleticism to the ceremony, leaving spectators in awe.

With the fireworks illuminating the night sky, the opening ceremony marked the commencement of the European Universities Football Championship, igniting the spirit of competition and camaraderie among the participants. The air was filled with anticipation, setting the stage for a thrilling championship that would showcase the talents and determination of the student-athletes from all corners of Europe.

The teams were the main actors in creating the exciting atmosphere and will be the main ones to lead the competing spirit and the thriling matches, that follow in the next days. 

Before the Opening Ceremony, the General Technical Meeting took place, hosting the draw for the competition. 

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